Sunday, 27 April 2008

Back to the start

Had the most amazing weekend. As you can see from the picture, played with monkeys in the jungle. Luke came over to join me for the weekend, and we had a great time. He is just such a great guy, and I will miss him a lot. It just so comfortable being with him, and I think he is the first person to understand me,be honest with me, not judge me, and just accept me for who I am. Amazing.

Trying to get my head back into Copenhagen now and its not easy, but it feels like I havent been away long although 6 months have passed for those I left behind.

Still, meeting up with everyone at the weekend so that should be a hell of a party! Except those who cant make it.. (no names Doc.)

Got a long journey tomorrow through Jakarta and to Bangkok, and then I have to pick up my suitcase from storage and just pray its all not too heavy now!

Not sure if I can hack it too long in copenhagen, have already an invite to go to Nepal at the end of may... have to see what happens with jobs and stuff!


Eamon said...

Hi. Great blog. Fun and interesting. I have travelled in that part of the world too. Love it. Safe journey on.

capricorn99 said...

Hi, thanks for giving me this address to read your blogs. I enjoy reading your adventures, you certainly have an enjoyable style of writing yet it remains heart felt.

I'm not gonna comment on your blogs right now, as fun as it is to analyse someone elses life, fears and emotions. I thought I'd share with you something I wrote the other day.

It's coming down to what he relies on
It's on this page, it's on this stage that he stayed
Called it down and away
Further down the page he got lost
By the past that strays, burried him over today
Burried him now and he strays

And we fall from here
To reach where we are
And we fall from here

Precious time; what she relies on
Caught her today then chased her so far
That she breaks. Chased he her heart flakes
And now in time she's pulled back together
She's found her way, don't need the pieces that break
Time has the ability to make
We customise our own shape

And we fall from here
To Reach where we are
And we fall from here

Pursuing life doesn't always come down to
Creating a way, a path you can never stray
A choice that can never break
We stand on a ledge and we're all bound to fall
Falling today; pick yourself up and don't stray
Your choices make you today

And we fall from here
To reach where we are
And we fall from here.

Anyhoo, have good and safe flights back home. Feel free to give any coments or interpritation of the lyrics (yeah, i intend it for a song). You can email me at

capricorn99 said...

correction to REACH, 2nd verse 3rd line:
Chased her heart, now it flakes