Saturday, 12 July 2008

Breast Friends

So as most of you know I want breasts. I was reading the other day about a website where guys donate money to girls so they can afford implants. I wondered if I should do this, and et the breasts of my dreams? I wondered if any one would donate to it or would they go for the blondes...?

Hmm guess Im just trying to take my mind off the stress, but its a fun idea :)


Anonymous said...

Girl, i dont think you should change a thing.
I thin you look wonderful, attractive and sexy, just the way you are.

Harrier said...

You are big where it counts and looks good, and small where it should be, but most of all you are just about perfect. Don't take it for granted that bigger is better, more than a hand full is a total waste.

Stay beautiful in every way that you are rather than spoil it.