Friday, 25 July 2008

Falling into place

Not sleeping very well and have the MOST horrendous headache today.

yetserday I said goodbye to my friends Mie and Tim which was a bit sad.

Also Helle called me about the cats and she will pick them up on sunday, look after them for a week and then take them to a good cat home for me when the place is available.

My neighbours are looking after my apartment and looks like they have someone to rent it through august at least if it doesnt sell.

Martin has been flirting and I am almost tempted as I really need to have some fun and let some stress go at the moment! I feel like a can of cola thats been shaken up and I need to release some stress before I go into another stressful situation with my parents, and moving to a new country...!

So just some cleaning and throwing away to do and then all set to leave sunday morning 4am!!

Picture is me on the beach near my apartment with Mie yesterday

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