Wednesday, 23 July 2008


So the moving company Møbel transport Danmark , fucked up my removal. Today they fucked up even more and sent some weirdo around. Total incompetence. They guy on the phone seems normal but they guys they send round just scare me. I wouldnt recommend them to my worst enemy. I should have used Holger Dansk- they were nice and efficient and probably a damn site cheaper than these imcompetant fools.

So signed paperwork at estate agent today, went to kommune (who werent very helpful) and ran around like a maniac really. Exhausted.

Tomorrow Mie comes over and I have to go tó the police station. cant remember what else there is to do apart from clean and pack.

Soon be out of this craziness.. straight into more craziness.. and then to the sanity of Perth... woo hoooo

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