Monday, 14 July 2008

Craziest week ever

This week:

Mon: people collecting furniture, organise my stuff for packing
Tue: organise stuff for packing, pack suitcases dont forget anything I need, documents etc
Wed:Last day with my cats, ttx coming over with pib with stuff she borrowed
Thurs:cats go to cats home
Fri:Movers come
Sat:thomas to help me take rest of stuff to charity
Sun:People come collect my garden furniture

Still to do:

  • See kommune
  • See police
  • See Drs for Vaccinations
  • Sell rest of furniture
  • Organise flights
  • Organise placement in NZ or if not possible Perth
  • Find a way to get to airport with 3 suitcases
  • Organise credit cards/bankloans
  • leave forwarding address with postdanmark

1 comment:

Doc said...

Sweety, let me know when you need a hand with the suitcases. We got wheels, and a ride to the airport too.