Friday, 18 July 2008

So stressed

Yesterday my friend Marianne helped me take the cats to a cat home, but not only was it strange and tiny and the people weird but they didnt mention on the phone they charge 1000 kr.

So we brought them home again.

Im really fucked for money right now. The move cost over 30000kr - and they wouldnt take a credit card so I had to give them the last of my savings. I am literally living on credit right now. I have a small amount of cash from the furniture, but just enough to buy food, and pay my bills.

Found another place for the cats, but this one costs 1800 kr... eek !

Been giving all my stuff away, but discovered today a bowl I got as a wedding present was worth a lot- luckily the person I gave it to is giving it back to for me to sell! I hate asking for things back its awful, but I didnt realise its worth aand I am so desperate for money right now, considering all sorts of things to make some!

Have applied for more credit cards to live on and get me out to aus, and really hoping to sell the apartent quick, may even put another estate agent on it too!

Got to get to Aus and get a job soon. I really hope something good happens soon!!

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