Tuesday, 22 July 2008

sunday mourning

Booked my flights today. I fly out of Dk on sunday, and out of London on thursday so will be in aus next fridaaay!!

Still got a lot to sort out though

  • kommune
  • estate agent
  • bank
  • library
  • policestation
  • cats

Busy week. So stressed, but my friend Marianne has really been there for me. SHe helped me find a cat home to take my cats (costs 1900!!!) And Shes giving m a ride to the airport even though its 4am!! My parents wouldnt even pick me up, and yet someone not related to me is willing to be sooo kind. I will miss her and her family a lot.

Thinking of having one last drunken cph night with raz on friday... will need a drink after I take my cats to the cat home and before I face my parents.

Had someone call about apartment too so cross fingers for that one!!!

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