Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Where am I?

Im sooo tired but its soon that time again. Not as bad as last month though but then I havent been ingesting poison...

So where am I? Still in Denmark. Furniture nearly all sold, Waiting for comeback from The NZ uni, and then its all go... even had a viewer to my flat today.... ooh!

So movers coming on the 18th and by then I should have booked my flights and know when Im heading to NZ.

Its sad and yet its exciting at the same time, Really hope to sell my flat cos Im broke and kind of in the shit.

But I feel a bit supported now anyway, My friend Marianne has been amazing in helping me, she really gives me renewed faith in people, not to mention stranger Thomas (theh one that picked e up from the airport) And Have made some new friends too who are pretty cool to hang around and who I will actually miss!

Have found a place in a cats home for my babies, but still looking in to taking them if its not too expensive, and they can make it. If only I can sell then that would make things a lot easier..!

Picture is me looking tired today.

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L said...

Hey, bright eyes, not long now. I think you have moved already. The tone of your posts is really changing - you are looking forward more and more. The past seems to have stopped being the place you live in.