Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The maddening crowd

I have been so suicidally down but I am fighting back. Firstly to christian who finds it funny to read my blog and laugh at my pain FUCK YOU. I made the mistake of asking him for help, as if that man would care about anyone but himself!

So through the warmth of some genuine people I have picked myself up again, Marianne brought me some food over, which made me feel better not just that someone cares about me, but eating it helped my mood come back up. She also showed me how to put my stuff on QXL so have sold a lot more stuff. Her kindness really helped me realise there is some good in people out there.

Things are in swing, Andreas talked me into getting a loan from the bank and this has also helped tide me over.

So Im almost ready. Looking at moving the end of july and leaving the flat for sale with the estate agents.

I will probably fly to new zealand, to do my course and then on to aus.

I have a friend to come and help me take whats not sold to the red cross, so at least all my stuff will do some good for someone somewhere, I am also volunteering for the danish redcross whilst I have no job, so it keeps me busy and they get some help. Makes me feel not so useless too.

Soon will be on the otherside of the world, far away from the cruelness of some people here.

Things are moving as they should be.


L said...

Goodbye old world, hello new! I think you are doing the right thing - a difficult and brave thing, but definately the right thing. I wish I could move away, but, as the song goes, I'm stuck in a moment I can't get out of. I'm glad you have found your wings Angel.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear things are on the improve Angel.
There are some good people out there it is just finding them that is the difficult part.
Hope to hear that you are in australia (or new zealand) soon.
Regards Richard

Dan said...

Much more upbeat, good for you...
Hope you are getting reasonable prices for your stuff aswell.... As for anyone laughing at your problems, well that leaves me lost for words. I don't understand that at all...

So New Zealand in August maybe? Sounds fantatsic, hope ''things keep moving as they should be''

Dan x