Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My teddy bear bought me dinner

Well my moods a lot better today, I feel like skipping and singing and smiling.. well not quite, but you know what I mean.. yes! Its that time of the month again. Wish every day could feel like this. Hate hormones.

So Ive been selling everything on qxl...today I sold a teddy bear, the old lady came to collect it and was very happy.. shes going to send me photos of the rest of her teddy bear collection..... So I used the money to order in with as I have no food left! Yay for teddy!

I seem to be going backwards instead of forwards, but most things sold or packed and have been ruthless in throwing stuff out... feels good in a way though. I threw out 5 years worth of reciepts--bit sad really seeing your life in reciepts.. furniture, flights, restaurants, stll, its all done now.

I gotta get a move on though, Im running out of time and still have lots to doooo!!!! ARGH!

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