Sunday, 20 July 2008

country roads...

Small things keep going wrong. The moving service wasnt good despite the amount of money I paid for it. They kept being moody and saying they hated their job, they rushed the job, threw my possessions into boxes and left stuff behind. They didnt take detailed account of the contents as you have to do for customs, so I ended up doing the job they were paid to do. It really stressed me out.
Pic is me on Friday stressed from the move

SO have to sort out the stuff they left behind, and find a home for the cats and then I can go find a job in a place i hope I belong.

Luke is an amazing guy. He calls me every day to check Im ok, hes interested in what I have to say, he tries to help me as much as possible and hes not scared by me. He even thinks Im beautiful inside and out. I miss him. He always says and does the right things without any coaxing.

Dans great too, hes letting me stay with him in Perth until I get my shit together, which is great as until I sell the flat am living on credit cards.

I feel really blessed to have such good friends, I wish Id had them here, but its worth it to go to Pert when the weather, the people and the place is amazing.

My mother is ill, she does this after we have conversations that upset her. She does it to make me feel guilty or sorry for her. Maybe she doesnt want me to visit.

I just cant wait to get to sunny Perth now.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your life turns out for the best.