Saturday, 14 June 2008

Bad mother

Ive now come to the conclusion that I can no longer keep my cats. I am incredibly sad about this but have to be practical. My cats hate to ride in the car, even 5 mins to the vets. If I sent them to australia it would be a 24 hour flight and 6 months in quarentine. They couldnt handle that. So now I have to find a new home for them. Its going to kill me to give them away, they are so sweet and such great company for me in my lonely hours. Whilst I was travelling I put them in a cat hotel, which was expensive over 6 months but I was glad to see them when I came home. But I cried so much when I left them there. Now to give them away, I hope I can find them a good home, I wish I could have looked after them their whole lives. They do need to stay together though cos theyre okay as long as they have each other. I am such a bad mum.

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anna.majnoona said...

You're not bad - you're talking about doing the thing that's hardest for you but best for your cats. (I appreciate it must be really rotten though - it's been hard enough for me to leave mine for 7 months).
Hope you're doing ok. xx