Saturday, 7 June 2008

Summary of lost blogging time

Right Im back on the net, with a dongle. Hate being offline, and not being able to blog.

So Luke came over, it wasnt the same as in Australia, and I was in a bad mood with him most of the time poor guy. I get so frustrated, and it makes me picky and grumpy. Guess Im not a nice person to be around.

Trying to figure out what to do. Flats in a mess so I have to tidy and flat is now on the market so expecting or hoping for lots of viewers. Need to sell soon, and figure out what to do next. Everything seems so complicated.

Have been missing the ex a lot, thinking about him a lot, I dont know why, well I do ... its unpacking boxes he wrote on and well missing his company I guess. Nothing I can do about it, he wont even be friends with me. I think he thinks Im crazy.

I m going a bit crazy with all the stress, Im crap at all this type of thing, and throwing stuff out and packing stuff up and arranging movers, storage, jobs, visas.

I think I will go to perth, really there is nothing here for me, and although I have decided that out of the european countries i have visited denmark is amazing and so is holland, but still no job, no friends here and fresh start required. I did love perth although its fast fading in my memory

I am heavily pmsing this month, probably because of all the wheat I was fed by my relatives in uk.... grrr.

Now Luke has gone I am all alone. No one calls me or calls on me, no friends, no family, no one in denmark cares about me or will help me with all I have to do. SO I just have to stay strong and help myself.

I can no longer express myself in danish, although most understand me when I speak. But then Im not sure I can express myself in any language right now. I did ok in spanish and italian and french though.. at least people understood me, and I was surprised how similar dutch is to danish really although I didnt attempt that one.

I have so much to do, I have no idea how to do it, I am glad I have invested in internet though because again I think this is what is going to be my support and ultimately save me.

Im not sure what my path should be right now I am hoping things will become easy as I am shown... or maybe I have to get through the hard stuff to eventually find some good.

Its nice to be loved unconditionally though, even though I cant reciprocate it, it makes me feel a bit less alone.

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Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, was getting a bit worried. To bad that your are leaving Denmark. But I can undestand your reasons for leaving. hopefully Perth will give you what you need, some good friends and hopefully the man of your dreams. and One day return with your familie, for denmark is better for having you.

btw.. Thank you! finaly someone who agrees with me on dutch and danish. all my friends just laugth at me when I say that the are a lot alike, you can almoste undestand it., with out any training.

Well hope you feel better soon....

Have a nice weekend.