Sunday, 15 June 2008

...If its the last thing I ever do...

Living on rice and boiled chicken again today, this is mainly because I dont go to the shops and because I have no money. Its ok though am losing weight-upside.

Martin asked me to go on a motorbike ride with him, or maybe hygge if it was raining, but predictably he didnt call. Maybe its because he used to know Christian (small world) or maybe its just a Danish thing (get me out of here) undoubtedly there will be a lame excuse involving family but I just find it so disrespectful. Im ok though as I got to finish all the cleaning and tidying ready for the valuation tomorrow. But why are Danish guys so arrogant like that? Martin is not the first, I think its cultural, but you could at least sms if youre a no show no? I may say a lot about Aussies but they would never behave in such a way. Common decency.

Have uncovered some job opportunities in nz as well as oz now so waiting to hear on those. Just want to get going now... as the rolling stones oonce said "gotta get outta this place.."

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Anonymous said...

Well - We are not all like that. Some of us do actually keep our promeses :-)