Sunday, 15 June 2008

The negativity of love

Love. Cupids and angels, marriage and babies, passion, poetry, soulmates. But not many people dare to discuss the negative side of love; the sleepless nights, the lonliness, the jealousy, the torment, the torture and anguish.

Loving someone gives them the power to hurt you, and make you wonder why they love you. Love can be unrequited and unwanted. Love can be jealous and hurt both of you.

So why oh why do we do it?

Sometimes it creeps up on us slowly, the little things a person does for us, makes us smile. Sometimes we dont know where it comes from it just does and hits us between the eyes. Youd do anything for this person but WHY?

Many articles state that we are attracted to people who resemble our parents: But what if your parents are fucked up individuals? So your life is fucked??

Here I must link to this article:

So a psychological need is fulfilled...

And then there are the chemicals at play:

So basically love is a cheap trick to get us to procreate..?

So much to think about....

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