Saturday, 25 October 2008


Im seeing signs of god in my life so either im religeous or mad or both.

The minister appeared on the ward and chatted to me.
Yesterday I walked a different route to work, and past a church... St lukes.
At work my patient of the day, talked to me about his strengths and beliefs in god.

Im being tested? tried`? Job like?

Im sick now as well, I have a chest infection again, and coughing. Can I really get thru this week coughing?

I feel the need to ask someone what should I do??? Do I need a priest? A psychic? A psychiatrist?


Mister said...

I think you will see whatever you need to see. You are in need of support and guidance. Without family or the friends you need, you are looking towards a god...and so will see him/her in your day-to-day life. If you needed a sandwich, you would see adverts for sandwices everywhere. It sounds like you are trying to communicate with God, not the other way round.

Harrier said...

Hmm..... shows how stressed and unhappy you are. GOD will not seek you out unless you ask it of him, other people may talk about their experiences but should not force it upon you, and GOD will be there if and when you call upon him (yes, I am a believer but do not push my beliefs upon others unless I am asked about it).

As mister says, if you need things you will see things about what you need, and I stress the word need and not want. You sound like you need a well deserved rest, some good food, and maybe some good company, but it may not be easy to find going by what you have said these last few weeks.

Only a few more days then you will have completed what you set out to do and you will be able to rest. Hope this last week is good to you seeing as you are not well, and I wish you a speedy recovery