Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Sweet as

So handed in my assignment this morning but it was pretty crappy, left it at home accidently and James had to drive me back to get it! James is my new best friend and guardian angel it would seem, hes a neonatal nurse from the phillipines and we are on the same wavelength.

Went back to the wards this afternoon and took patients to the redwwod forests, so got to see the forests and get to knw patients at the same time... sweet as (as they say over here);)

I was told today that I am mow much more radiant.. I guess I change a LOT pre menstrually huh? One of my patients called me an angel today.. although she is schizophrenic and slightly deluded... but I reckon theyd say that if they met Jesus today huh?

Its Laras birthday tomorrow. I met Lara on the first day here, shes a 39 year old medical student and also on my wavelength so weve been doing touristy thins together. I thought she was crazy at first but shes actually very nice... her choice of a night out is the live music at the irish bar... so that should be interesting!

My phone is gone forever, which is very annoying but perhaps meant to be...

Men har emailed lidt med exen og har været meget ærligt med ham, hvilken var godt for mig og man kan ik gør med smser. Han siger han nu har en ny kæreste, og ja det gik en smul ondt men jeg var bare glad for han var glad. Jeg skal bare kom videre og prøve og giv mit hjerte til en hvem tjener det... Luke.

Having huge problems with bills and handling my apartment in DK but thankfully Marianne has come to the rescue again! One day I will pay my Danish family back! Marianne is the best, she has really supported me and been there for me, and I love her to bits.

Its been good to be independant again, I feel stronger and happier now and getting a career back that I am good act has given me more confidence too. Maybe I will survive after all... :)


Dex said...

Hi Angel,

What is the landscape like where you're at? Could you describe? Any chance of an add on Facebook?


Harrier said...

lol, left it at home, I thought the best excuse was that my dog ate it :D but good that you went back for it. I'm sure you will do well with what you have done.

Marianne sounds like a great friend to have, not many friends would do so much for you. Hope things get sorted there.

Schizophrenic and slightly deluded, but people like this see things in people that others miss totally because they can't see past the end on their own nose's, take it as a complement & grow from it :D As for being independent, that will always boost your confidence and strength considerably, nice to know that you are getting back on track to your future, keep it up.

Hope you have a good week this week and everything goes smoothly for you.