Saturday, 4 October 2008


Its so weird that the people you meet seem to be sent as signs.. on the aeroplane I met Mike. Mike is a gentleman in his late 60s who moved to Perth 40 years ago from London and hasnt regretted it since. He is also a vegatarian and almost vegan and feels healthier for it. And Mike had a melanoma, which underlines the importance of checking those moles.

My first impression of new zealand is that its quiet. People speak like the aussies only with pinched vowels, they are friendly and seem effecient.They also seem to be so unfashionable that its all back in fashion again.. but the aussies were like that too. Thats all Ive got...Im am currently sitting at Auckland Airport Domestic terminal waiting for my flight to Rotorua, where Mike and his golfing buddy are also heading (They offered me a rid ebut my luggage is all checked in :() So I possibly may meet up with the old gents again sometime.I have had no sleep and am trying to stay awake so I dont miss my flight.

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