Tuesday, 21 October 2008

jeg kommer fra Danmark

Getting used to the ward, trying to fit into th eteam and doing ok at it, which is annoying I will have to leave in a week and a half. There is so much paperwork to do for Australia that I am actually considering going "home" to Denmark. I do miss Denmark a bit at the moment. I miss speaking Danish and Im in the Danish mindset with danish humour right now. But its hot it Aus right now 35 degrees today so quite lookin forward to getting back there is I can, and already having conversations about nursing jobs there (not that I want to do it...) I gave my first IM injection in 5 years today- it seemed to go ok, and thats probably the most dangerous (to the patient) part of my job.

Went out tonight with Lara and her friend heather, to a maori night- so touristy but kinda fun.

trying to figure out what it all means. Signs are bein thrown at me left right and centre: Skin cancer, Perth, Denmark.... bt what should I do??

Back on the wards in 8 hours....!


Anonymous said...

Hvad med at vise mig rundt, når jeg kommer til AUS ved juletid - skal tilbringe 4 uger derover.

Angel said...

Det kunne måske sker..

Harrier said...


Good that you feel you are fitting in with the team, should make things easier, but a shame that you only have a week and a half left to go.

As for returning home, be it Denmark or Australia, what do you feel is right, a hard decision but not an easy one to make. How about coming back to the horrible, damp, cold UK lol. If it was my choice I'd got to Aus, not that I have ever been but from what I have heard and seen of it, it is great.

At the end of the day, whatever you do it can be changed, but the main thing is that you follow what you feel is right for you, no one can make that decision for you. Shame really as if someone else did and you weren't happy them you could say it wasn't your fault (if life was just that simple)

All the best,