Saturday, 4 October 2008

New Zealand

Well... what can I say. Warned by the taxi driver from the airport, I wanst expecting anything pretty but it is pretty.. dire. The room is full of dead things, and the pillows are in a disgusting condition, nothing is clean.. but lets hope its because its the weekend... The Filipina house mother..Nancy seems very friendly, but so did the back stabbing filipinas I met in the phillipines... Anyway I suppose I cant complain at 150 NZD a week and Im only here four weeks so will grin and bear it. It is noisy here though, and the other students seem a very strange bunch... on another plus, I have an internet connection in my room and as they are not full (wonder why) I have a shared room to myself- thank god for that!

So far New Zealand is cold and wet, and by the weather forcast it looks to stay that way. Just gotta get through these 4 weeks....!

All the shops are closed so not sure where I will get food from today. Arrived at 11am New Zealand time after travelling from 5pm Australian time, so missed a nights sleep. But slept form about 2.6 and then 7 to about 10am! Trying to pluck up the courage to walk through the corridors to the communal (and very dirty) showers.

Will go and explore in the rain today. I have a very sore eye this morning- looks like I have an infection- no doubt from the pillow...

Will plan some site seeing for next weekend I think, although this weather makes you want to stay in your bedroom (however freezing cold and manky it is!)


Doc Nielsen said...

i must admit... i still think of you often. What you're doing, where you are, if i'll ever see you again.
I know it's selfish of me, but i really wish you'll come back some day, so i get to see you again.
I miss you, the talks we had, the fun we shared. Reading your blog again, reminds me of all the tough times you had to endure, and i cant shake the feeling of regret for not telling you how i feel about it all, about you, and the fact that you are on the other side of the planet, in persuit of a dream, about to come true.

Missing you...

Harrier said...

Hi Angel,

I hadn't deserted you, in case you thought I had. Had an operation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome last Monday and haven't been able to use the keyboard easily.

Good to see you are still keeping yourself going. I have placed a couple of replies to previous updates and I'm sure you will find them as they are on older posts.

Sounds like you should have taken a tent with you for your stay :D Hope you sleep well and get things cleaned up ok.

From the adverts on the TV here New Zealand looks like a great place to live, obviously they only show the best of the best though. I wouldn't worry about the shop opening times, more the local chemist & Hospitals going by your comments although I am sure you shouldn't need either. Just be careful not to get a cold or the Flu going out in the rain as medical needs are most probably as bad as the room you are staying in.

Look forward to some pictures from your sight seeing, and try to cheer us sweetie as that will help you fight your way through these four weeks and make it to the end successfully.

All the best,


dex said...

Best of luck to you in NZ and beyond...jealous of all your travels.


Angel said...

Bless you all. Thanks Dex! Wondered where you were Harrier! And Doc.. maybe youll come visit me someday in Aus :) Im sure I will be back in Dk one day....