Saturday, 18 October 2008


Something is happening to me and I dont know what or why.
  • I lost my phone (for a reason)
  • At the cinema there were danes queing behind us- had a chat with them in danish
  • I am in a cold rainy country
  • all the values i thought i had, i dont.
  • im not sure wheer i belong

I am so confused!!!


Harrier said...

"Realization" as you put it is something that we all look for but rarely find unless we look deeply into our lives. Some people say that everything happens for a reason, but what reason could there be for losing one's phone lol apart from wanting a new one of course. As long as you don't lose your mind then it shouldn't matter too much. You will get most of your numbers back sooner or later.

Sometimes I wish I could speak other languages, just to be able to understand would be good, but to reply would be even better, especially if someone is talking about you and doesn't know that you understand, and then to watch the shock when they realize you do.

Values, what values? are these ones you put upon yourself or others have put on you? And as for belonging, where do any of us belong! personally I thing people belong where they feel most comfortable & happy, so I really hope you find that place inside of you soon, then the confusion should start to clear just like the clouds above you.

To quote something from a poem my son wrote,

"What am I
why am I here
What can I do to find my way
Felling so down skulking away
Needing you here don't run away
All by myself I'll find a way
To bring you back forever to stay
Fighting by the light of day
Skulking in darkness hiding away
I'll give my life now here today
Not knowing what lies far away
I'll try so hard to save myself
From all the hatred and fear inside
Now you have gone I'll have to fight
And find another light in sight"

He wrote this while feeling lost & frightened, and it helped his get through a hard time, not bad from a 13yr old either.

Have a good day today and a better one tomorrow, and maybe they will continue to get better from now on.


Anonymous said...

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