Tuesday, 14 October 2008

On the Wards!

My period started this morning! My whole affect changed overnight, actually it changed yesterday mis lecture.... weird. I was crying all morning and in the afternoon I felt like I was doped up..no concentration almost sleeping and then in the afteroon happy and skippy... hormones! I couldnt hide it at all..people kept asking if I was ok..and I wasnt!

Just in time though because I had to go on the wards this afternoon! After the big scary build up by the stupid misinformed tutor I had a great afternoon singing and dancing with patients... ahhh I miss mental health :) I learned a lot from them already, and looking forward to going back tomorrow! 2.5 weeks to go! I just finished my assignment so if the stupid tutor can read it then sould be reasonably ok...

The wards here are very different to back home(UK) though... actually its NICER!

Mourning the loss of my phone, but have decided its a good thing!

Also have my apartment rented out for a month next month so that shouls help with finances for a bit longer...

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Harrier said...

Period, damn, everyone stand well clear, I know what my wife used to be like on those occasions lol.

Sorry to hear you dealt that bad, but glad you are feeling better now, sounds like you have been enjoying yourself, mood lifting I hope. The loss of your phone could be helpful as you will have peace and quiet from others but keep looking, you might find it where you least expect to find it. As for renting your apartment out, just hope that the person/s who rent it look after it for you so it is kept clean & tidy.

Wish you the best for the next 2.5 weeks and be careful that you remember all you learn :p

Catch up with you soon,