Monday, 13 October 2008

Mit hjerte banker stadig..

English coming up in a bit...

I dag skriver jeg lidt på dansk. Første jeg ville ikke glemmer mit dansk og for de anden, jeg ved Luke en gang i mellem læser her, og selvom han ved hvordån jeg har det med min ex kæreste, jeg ville ikke har at det gør øndt for ham.

Mit hjerte banker stadig for ham. Det gør det bare. Jeg elsker ham stadig og jeg ved det lyder sindsyg, og jeg prøver at glemmer ham, det kan jeg ikke. Jeg så en serier at hedder "Hus" og det minder mig helt om ham, og jeg savnede ham!

Jeg savne Luke men ikke så meget. Er jeg dårlig? Luke elsker mig rigtigt høj og jeg elsker ham, men tror ik jeg er forelsket i ham...

Anyway.. its rained the whole week and been so cold, I do NOT like new zealand at all. I want to get back to australia (home?) as quick as possible. I find myself missing Denmark a lot too, but the cold I do not miss.

Im so stressed out trying to pass these exams, and although my dad offered to help pay my course - he gave them the wrong credit card number (on purpose?) so thats been stressfull too! So I havent managed to enrol properly yet and so dont have an ID card and therefore cannot use the library/internet AND my computer broke down so this week has been a big stress.

But Luke as usual has been them supporting me, and without him I would have nothing.

I also lost my mobile phone today.. måske det er et tegn at jeg skal hold op med a sms exen.. nu har j ikke hans nummer....

To recap

  • exams on subects I have only just learned: cathetherisation, IV, injections etc

  • lost phone

  • laptop broke (now fixed)

  • non payment of fees so ...

  • no use of library etc

  • PMS

  • bills still coming from apartment in DK- cant pay them

  • asssignment due on wednesday

  • stress


Harrier said...

Hmm.... and in English that means ?

Stressed out, chill out, I know it is difficult to keep your head about you when everything else is going wrong, try to relax a bit more, take time out to relax instead of worrying about it all. Easy to say, I know, but at the end of the day, the more stressed you are the worse you will be in the morning therefore making the stress worse through the following day (if that makes any sense lol)

It would be a real shame if your dad did it on purpose, but I'm sure it will get sorted somehow so you are able to continue with your study. Bills, you can catch up with later, laptop, well that is part of your life as you need it to post & to help with study, so it's good that you have got it fixed. I would offer you one of my spare phones if I could get it to you, and as fro the assignment due on Wednesday, take your time to make sure you know what you need to, don't cram it all in at the last minute but take it slowly. Have faith in your ability to learn and understand. Sure, it may be hard, but in the long run you will prosper.

As for the weather, well I like it cold and wet, so if you fancy swapping then you're on :-)

Hope all goes well this week, and take care.


Harrier said...

Forgot to ask, are you two sisters, same hight, same eyes, long fingers, oh yes, and cut off at the knees :D

Love the photo. . .