Monday, 20 August 2007

Fear and cramping in Copenhagen

Back to the hospital today, and although I'm scared, I'm glad I'm going people right now I feel like I'm dying. I look terrible- I have mouth ulcers and spots on my face, dark circles under my eyes. When I look in the mirror I don't even see me anymore. And the pain in my stomach is close to unbearable.

I'm scared for two reasons. One is that they will find something wrong, and the other is that they won't and I will be in this state the rest of my life.

Just got to go face it really.. I'm so tired- spent the last two days on the couch.. my house is a mess- and I haven't been out at all- I'd be so ashamed if I had visitors! Just haven't got any energy at all.. but have to force myself into the shower and into my car today.

Trying to avoid people as much as possible- I think I'd scare them if they saw this Angel-Zombie!!

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amhcod said...

Hej Angel!
good luck with the doctors! And dont worry about self-esteem, and neither physical appearance, you have much more than that and men will think twice before taking the risk to loose all.
Keep on writing!