Friday, 3 August 2007

Suicide is Painless

Suicide, Attention seeking? Desperation? There is a lot about it on the internet, there are even ways to commit suicide listed on the net (

But what do you do if you are in emotional pain and there is no help or guidance? A lot of the links to suicide sites are made by religeous groups. "But before you think about suicide.. stop and think..god loves you.." etc etc.

There are many people who have a meloncholy view on life.. Sylvia Plath.. Virginia Woolf.. they used writing as a way of self expression and yet they both ended up commiting suicide.

But what do you do when no one understands you? When your view on life is bleak and black, and worst of all no one loves you? Here in Denmark it is not easy to seek psychological help, you have only your few friends to turn to, and they say things like "you'll get over it" and "it can't be that bad". It doesn't really help.


-mono- said...

I have got a lot of psygologic help here in Denmark..First thing to do is to go to your own doctor.. And tell him about your problems..After that he will send you further to a specialist, a psykolog, or psykiater..And they can always help you...I have tried it myself...Or you can also contact me!;-) I am a good friend and I can teach/lære fra mig!

Hope you get better! Love hearts...I know..


amhcod said...

God Angel! did you really searched for the word suicide? And what if one day all the things will turn out in positive? What if what you most desire becomes true? Is it not worth waiting and suffering for it? I hope to read soon from you how you managed to get rid or redirect so much distress as me here have similar problems!

Krest Nisso said...

- Things you've done or had, might be someone-elses dream.

One of my friends said: "Every problem one might have, weighs just as much, as every other problem someone else might have."

We are indivduals with individaul problems, individaul dreams and in need of indivdual solutions.

As my "title" says;
- Strenght you've possesed in a given situation.
- A chance for an education.
- Even the ability to go bike-riding.
- To have felt love, even if only for a brief moment.
"...Might be a whish on someone elses mind."

All of these "problems" others might have, doesn't help us understand our own problems, as they don't refer to us, individually. We get unhappy, because we want something to be, or something to be undone, and thus referring only to ourselves.

Dreams and hopes have over and over shown to be the strongest of humans attributes, because we strive! Seemingly, we only strive outwards...

-The only one who knows: who you are,what you want, think and feel, is yourself! I believe it's that self and not the outside world, ones focus should be laid upon.

- - I know, I'm a bit off topic. It's seemed more straightforward and direct before I started typing, but take the comment as you'd wish.

Layla said...

People should read this.