Saturday, 25 August 2007


So at 4am I heard shouting from my window,, thought to my self..friday night- drunk bastards!! Then I heard the word HELP! (in in Danish hjælp!) It was dark and I couldn't see anything- so possibly like a fool, I grabbed keys and phone and rushed out, and there in oneo f the gardens across the road was an old lady in not much of a nightdress laying on the floor. I spoke to her in Danish.. assertained that she'd been trying to lock the door and fell down, and that she'd hurt her back. She understood what I said to her. Then (luckily) another of my elderly neighbours came out- I gave her my cellphone and she called an ambulance, whilst I went inside and got blanket and pillows. then we sat and held her hands and talked to her- she was so cold!

What I can't believe is out of a whole street of people only I and the other old lady went to help. Where was everyone else?? They could hear the screams for help as much as us! The other old lady said she was scared but when she saw me go over she thought she'd help.

I feel bad for not going over there sooner but if I hadn't no one else would have! And I'm the foreigner!!! It's a cold night- the old lady probably wouldn't have made it laying on concrete in the rain.

So there I managed to squeeze in my friday good deed. It makes you think though- when you cry for help who will come? Will people be too afraid ?(and with good reason)

Now to try and sleep!


Thomas Ebdrup said...

See Angel. You are a good person. You should feel proud going out and helping that old lady.
strange that no one else went out. I wouldnt have stayed inside.

Im very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

You're a good samaritan, Ange, that's all. It has nothing to do with being a foreigner or not.

Didn't it make you feel good to have helped someone in distress?

Thomas: Shame on you... ;-)