Friday, 24 August 2007


Hormones, medication, whatever the reason for feeling like I do right now, I'm still feeling it. Having spent the last week entirely alone except a couple of visits to drs that didnt listen to me anyway and my cats, I'm starting to feel a little bit isolated.

The doctor yesterday was nice. It seems I picked up a bug on my travels and the bug has been eating my insides and making them swell up. NowI have a stomach ulcer- which it actually ok, because I can take medication for it. So I can go back to work on monday.

My period started yesterday, so maybe it's the hormones, or maybe it's the medication or maybe it's just lonliness. I am just sitting here crying, and feeling alone. I don't know why, so that probably means it's hormonal. Fucking hormones.

I know my friends have been saying stuff to me, that makes me question what I am doing. I know they have my best interests at heart, but I have told them I don't want to discuss that part of my life, as it makes me doubt when they say things, and they don't have an understanding of how things really are.

Anyway need a new lifestyle, a new diet (or in fact a diet) and find a way to relax.. thinking about yoga..

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Thomas Ebdrup said...

Yoga sounds like a good idea. Its good exersize and makes you realx. its good that you figured out what was wrong. Hope you get better soon.
Sorry to hear that you feel lonely. You shouldnt feel like that when you have a boyfreind. he should be there with you. You deserve that.
Hope you getting back to work will help your mood.