Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Start all over again

So much for being amicable! He was just so mean and rude to me by sms- with no reason... saying he doesn't want anything to do with me and not to contact him. He just made me very angry. There was no need for that. We were ok. Amicable was ok. Not ideal but bearable. Now I am hurt, double hurt, and angry. I don't like anger- it's a wasted emotion.

I have shown him nothing but love and respect. Now I just lost my respect for him saying mean stuff to me, there is no need to kick someone when they are obviously down.

No. I wil not let my anger out. I will not take revenge or try to hurt him even though I know I could. I will not stoop to his level. I will hold my head up high and face him and the world with dignity every day I have to.

Dignity, clarity and a quiet love...


MiJo said...

det er ok at være vred.. det hjælper ofte! og har du ikke brug for at være lidt sur endnu.. :)
DU må godt.. det er ok!! og det er nødvendigt.. du finder dig i alt for meget efter min mening.
Skid på ham.. han er IKKE værd at brug tid på.. overhovedet..
knus og kram.. du skal nok finde en sød fyr, du kan elske og som elsker dig..

Doc Nielsen said...

well, much can be said for beating the crap out of someone verbally, but it's not really the best way to go.
I think you should start thinking about moving on, above his level, and away from the negative. Forget the bad times and enjoy some good times.
Go get drunk, and have some fun with the ladies, then wallop in self pity when you wake up hung over, and start a new life the next day.
Or you could just say "Fuck It" and get it over with.