Thursday, 14 February 2008

Back in Bangkok

Been back in Bangkok the last few days, found a cheaper room on the khao san road for 600 baht a night, not quite so easy to be anonymous here. So many younger tourists and mostly westerners, but at the same time its loud and drunken, which as you know isnt quite me.

But met up with Jackson, an american I met on my halong bay trip, so at last have someone to see stuff with, which is really nice. )Picture is of us atop a temple). Seeing temples is great, but sharing the experience with someone is amazing. Jackson is great company too, he knows a lot of stuff and is very intelligent to have a conversation with (he lectures in international relations in australia and is currently touring asia as part of his studies).
So we have been enjoying the nightlife of the khao san area, people watching and discussing the world. Its incredibly warm and there are so many people around, but the atmosphere is still nice. Apart from the hawkers selling stuff mainly wooden frogs, everywhere one after another. "no thnak you I dont want a wooden frog" "no really I still dont want one" etc...
Trying to figure out what to do next, my visa in thailand runs out on the 20th so I have to leave the country (or get an extension). I was thinking of visiting a buddhist center on Penang- a malaysian island, but the next step isnt yet clear to me.
Valentines day today. Hate it. The hawkers were already out last night peddling I love you tacky teddies and red roses... Still at least I'm not alone, I get to hang out with Jackson and be cynical about the whole thing with him :)

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