Friday, 22 February 2008

More Singapore

Singapore really has it all, shopping, amazing empty beaches with white powdery sand and crystal waters, excellent food, culture. The prostitutes are even tame and pretty, and dressed rather tastefully I must say. I have seen more tartily dressed ladies in the office I used to work in, in DK.

I was worried about the area I am staying (red light) but I was here late last night booking my hotel in K.L at the internet cafe, and walking back to the hotel was fine, so many people around eating in the streets, I went to halal restaurant and ordered the best take away chicken biriyani. Crowds were watching the wresting in the street, lots of men mesmerised by a big screen. But it all had a nice and safe feeling to it. Only once did someone say to me "Hey you're gorgeous" In a rather comical Indian accent, which reminded me of when Piet and I used to mess around at work...:)

Picture is me on the beach on sentosa island. Singapore really does have it all!

I will be sorry to leave tomorrow. But it is exciting with the night train, I'm in K.L for 3 days and then have to decide what I will do from there, maybe Macau, or Indonesian Islands or Borneo or Bali, or maybe straight to the Phillipines...

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