Thursday, 21 February 2008


I am LOVING Singapura, got a offer to send my CV to contacts yesterday, and did a model stint as well (will post pics when they get sent to me) Singapore is similar to uk but without the crime, the congestion and with a lot more sunshine :))

Met up with Ben yesterday and went to the Long bar at Raffles and enjoyed the BEST singapore sling EVER. Not surprising really as this was where it was invented! (see pic)

Today Im off to santosa island. Got the brochial infectio back again so had to go see the doc again this morning.. coughing, lymphs up, sore throat etc etc so have some more antibiotics to take ( and yes Thomas I AM taking them ;)) the liquid form(cant take pills) taste better than the Danish ones and in fact remind me of my childhood.. :) Yes Singapore was a british colony and has kept much of its britishness.. like the anouncer on the MRT is the SAME as the one on the london underground.

Ben told me I am looking more together and confident, and I have to tell ya Im feeling it! Starting to enjoy travelling now, but still looking for somewhere to be.. and SIngapore may just be it...

Moving on on saturday, have the night train booked to Kuala Lumpur, which should be fun- never been on a sleeper train before, at at 15 quid it was the cheapest way to travel.

Right best get myself to the beach then I suppose... sigh ;)


Doc Nielsen said...

Time to work up a tan :)
Did you find any neat postcards or touristy-things alike? :D

Anonymous said...

Really tough on you with all that sunshine ;-)

Good that you are taking your meds and you sound happier. Good to hear.