Tuesday, 19 February 2008

See you in Singapore

Had a fantastic last night in Bangkok last night/this morning. Hung out with Jackson at a petrol station turned into a restaurant (you have to see it really) and then played pool and listened to a band. I'm going to miss his company I think! Off to Singapore this morning, checking out in a minute and catching the 8am bus to the airport. Have tentatively book into the cheapest hotel I can find in singapore, which is in the red light district of geylang and apparently gets a lot of business from there (hourly rates...) But its only for a few days and singapore is so expensive I have little choice. Looking forward to seeing sentosa island, and singapore in general really:) Not looking forward to the flight- hate those take offs and landings- may go overland to malaysia when it comes to it... Anyway better get moving- see you in singapore!

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Anonymous said...

Hi you,
Have you thought about CouchSurfing? A fun and cheap way to travel - you get a place to sleep, and you get to meet the local people and make new friends! I actually had some visitors from Singapore once, so they are there!
Still following your blog!