Friday, 15 February 2008

Wherever that is

When you email someone and ask them to reply, why don't they? I think it's hurtful and rude.

So anyway, had a nice night last night with Jackson, I even got a rose :) We played pool and ate ice cream, and drank cocktails, so for a valentines day it wasn't so bad.

Moving on on mon/tues. Off to singapore to meet up with Ben and to talk to the people about the bar idea. Still have to find tickets and stuff, but have some time. I really want to find a job again. I miss working a lot and I really liked my old job. I hate not having a job. I really want to feel stable and safe again. I want to have roots again.

I need to buld my world up again, just not quite sure how or where to do it yet. I want to be a better more lovable person, but Im not sure how to go about it apart from through religeon.

Jackson is an athiest and has a whole new perspective on things for me to consider which is interesting. His upbringing in bible bashing Tennessee obviously had an affect on him :)

I'm gathering new perspectives all the time but this leads me no closer to answers. I do hope it will come to me soon, because I really want to go home- wherever that is.

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Anonymous said...

Patience... ;-)