Monday, 25 February 2008

Lazing in Malayasia

Have full blown snuffles now, but hopefully this is the antibiotics working! Other than that, been lazing by the pool and checking out K.L. The view I am looking at right now is the twin towers in K,L and it is night times and they are all lit up, its a lovely view. Reminds me of my favourite view of canary wharf at night in london.

So there are good points in being single. Am currently lounging naked in my hotel room munching on my delightful room service order of chicken sate (yes piet chicky stix ;))which was terribly cheap.

A lot of my friends appear to be jealous of my lifestyle, which is comedy because I am jealous of their having husbands and kiddies!

Next I go to Borneo, I plan to do some thinking here as well as see the rainforests and orang utangs, trying to figure out where and what I should do.

Meeting a lot of interesting people but still missing the ones I left behind.


Anonymous said...

Hey thats unfair. You could have invited me.
Does recall some nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that they miss you to.