Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Bangkok. A hardcore city with hardcore shopping and hardcore women. Surprisingly though the women arent as attractive as you'd think, and rather plumped up on all the fast food chains that you can find on every corner. Strabucks follows mcdonalds follows burgerking on every corner. The streets are heavy with the smell of incense and street foods and thick with people. The skytrain is cheap and easy to use but doesnt always go to precisely where you want, taxis are ok (when they dont rip you off) but get stuck in the traffic. The way I went is again motorcycle taxis, on most corner sidestreets you an find them donning their orange or pink waistcoats, waiting to make up a price out of thin air. But the near death experience and the feel of the cool breeze is worth it as you whizz past all those cars stuck still.

Bangkok is a city to get lost in, to become anonymous and lost in the crowd.

Laptop is dead so hopping between inetrnet cafes right now.

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