Sunday, 24 February 2008

Hello Malaysia!

The night train was exciting, its like a hostel on wheels, was too embarassed to ask someone to take my photo (didnt want to end up talking all night) So no pics, just another one from the photoshoot. Did another photoshoot before I left, they are emailing me the pics next week, so will post them when I get them.

I have always wanted to take a night train and this one was surprisingly cosy and quick too, before I knew it we were in Kuala Lumpur! I have been warned about the safety of K.L but so far it seems fine and everyone is friendly. Its sunday today and I fully intend to make use of the pool. Antibiotics dont seem to be working and just seem to be getting sicker, but at least get some R and R here, as not too many sights to see.

I also have internet access in my hotel room hooray! Trying to plan where to go next.. Brunei`? Bali? Borneo? Or somewhere NOT beginning with a B... ;)

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