Friday, 29 February 2008

Monkeys in the jungle

Had the most amazing day yesterday in the jungle swamps looking at probiscus monkeys in the wilds of borneo and water buffalo and other cheeky monkeys. Met some nice austrailians too which was cool. Cant believe I have been in the jungle!

Going in deeper on monday when I go see the orangutangs. This is an amazing experience! Picture is me in the jungle swamps with wild water buffalo in the background.

I had an interesting conversation on the journey too, met a girl named jaila, who taught me all about malay culture and language in her sweet broken english. She told me also of her dreams to go to japan one day and that she is learning japanese. This little girl was so pretty but told me everyone malay was amazed at my eyes, guess they dont see blue/green/grey whatever colour they are eyes very much. Everyone looks indian or oriental over here in this muslim country.

It was amazing being in the jungle and meeting the ancestors of headhunters, and seeing the fruit they used as poison in their blowpipes.

I am also now looking more indian with this tan..

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