Thursday, 10 January 2008

Chapter closed

So yesterday I quit my job, something I have never done before and it is very scary. Now I plan to travel asia and do a landmark course:

Hoping I find myself on the way, I know I need to do some work on myself, and giving myself the time and space to do that is necessary right now. Never had this opportunity before, and better late than never huh?

But sometimes you have to close a door before you can open several more.

I wonder about myself though- am I odd? I drink- but not much, I generally stop after one or two, unless its birthday or christmas or new year when I tend to throw up in taxis (sorry thomas) or over people (sorry thomas) but I dont make a habit of it.

I find it strange to go out drinking, and to talk about being drunk and throwing up. People have told me that they don't trust me because I dont drink enough- but I just dont enjoy it. So am I strange? Does the whole world drink except me? Am I getting old?

Feeling meloncholy right now, but had a great day out with my vietnamese friend, she is so much like me, and such a nice person, and today in Hanoi was really warm and sunny, so it was like the world saying "yes you have made the right decision".

I do miss Denmark though- people seem more forgiving there, and I have friends there who know me and dont care if I drink or not, they simply enjoy me for who I am.

And now I will find out who that is... :)


Søren Hyldvang said...

Hi there,

No you are not strange for not drinking.. a lot of people dosen't drink. Why do something if you don't like it?? It has nothing to do with trust, that sounds strange.

I think its great having a break in life and finding oneself and at the same time exploring the East, perfect. You are lucky... and should be pleased with the situation.

Hope you enjoy life out there.


Liam said...

It sounds like you are moving about in interesting times.

I am glad that you have found some good friends - a person never died with too many friends. Mine come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and I love them all.

I am happy more than I am not, and hope you are too.

Good luck turning your pages.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you had to leave your job but do understand you. Hope you enjoy your time traveling. I will follow your travels as I have so far. Your frinds are still here. Though surrounded by jalusy.