Sunday, 20 January 2008

Stuck in teen

So I went to the movies, ate ice cream, and I'm UP again (wooooo) I'm lucky I dont stay down long really.... I do, however find that I identify with the angst female teen characters. I think I'm stuck in my teen years, unable to grow up.

Still off to see a vietnamese fortune teller tomorrow- maybe he can tell me what I should be doing... :)

Have so much to do, I find it all a little overwhelming sometimes, not great at coping with high stress (as you know) But I'm strong again now. People underestimate the power of ice cream!

AT the end of the day I'm a very old fasioned girl... a ginger looking for her fred, or a grace looking for her carey. I'm in the wrong era, or I watched too many old movies, and started to believe in them. Dammit!

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