Sunday, 20 January 2008

Not having to be right all the time

I feel better having talked about my fears with somoone who listened to me. Sometimes all I need is to be listened to. I'm more convinced than ever that this landmark course is the right thing to do, although I may have to lie in the psychiatric disclamier..

Wondering if I should stay in Vietnam, now that I can't actually leave, take another job here. What are my reasons for travelling? Will I ever find myself that way? Where in the world should I be?

Having talked to someone I now have a lot more to think about, but I'm peeping out of the darkness- only just but I have to stay up.

Yes folks this is me, I have dark episodes, I have incredibly light ones too, I have moodswings, I love a lot and deeply, and I am generally a multifaceted human being. Deal with it.( I have to).

Now I am going to call someone and hopefully catch a movie with them...


Anonymous said...

:-) have a good time at the movies.

Anonymous said...

Is this virtual "speaking about me" satisfies you? Go out and live instead!

Anonymous said...

Good idea with a movie. Hope it was good.