Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Someone to watch over me

Vietnam is corrupt. People lie and cheat and steal. Guess it's like anywhere then. I am so ill right now. coughing up blood- I think its because I had the japenese b encephalitis vaccine and I am having a reaction to it. I am still paying for the doctors (which my ex bf encouraged me to go to and offered to help pay for it- then left me before he helped :( ) Plus my landlord stole my rent and deposit so I lost a lot of money- having to stay in a hotel until I can fly tomorrow. So I can't afford to go to the doctors. My body aches, my head aches and I am so cold, I just can't get warm, I am coughing and blood clots come up, and my throat is so sore, my voice has almost gone. Feel like I am dying, I am moving around because I have to but will probably collapse as soon as I reach my destination.

Feeling very unsafe, very afraid, have absolutely no one to turn to, the ones I thought I had ignore me. I move to thailand tomorrow where its warmer at least, but I am still going to be stuck in bed. When my ex bf was sick, I was there to put cold towels on his brow. No one is there for me- not even by phone/email.

Piet was right; I need someone to look after me.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure its only Piet who told you ;-)

Anna in Edinburgh said...

God, things sound fucking rough, i'm sorry :-(. If you ever want someone to offload on then you can always email me, and i'll get back to you as soon as i can.
Good luck with the move to Thailand, i'm thinking of you.

Søren Hyldvang said...

Oh my god, thats really awful..

You have really meet some terrible guys, unbelievable. You seem to have a warm heart and should be returned.

I hope you're getting better real soon.


G-Bob said...

Baby, I was so glad to see you look healthy - and then nothing has _really_ changed. Are you coming back now?

Doc Nielsen said...

Hon, you know there is always a hot bed, food and comfort here.
I'd rather you were sick in denmark than in the orient...

Anonymous said...