Thursday, 31 January 2008

Arrival in thailand

Expecting to be met by beautiful thai girls holding coconut cocktails, I arrived at bangkok airport very late last night. Having made it through customs, I arrive to the baggage carousel to be informed that all baggage from my flight is gone...gone??? I get sent to baggage department who make a few walky talky contacts and then tell me my baggage is lost! Now remember I'm ill, im coughing up blood, not to mention I sat next to the one crazy guy on the airplane who talked to himself, and kept doing repetative twitching moevements (how come in the movies girls get to sit next to brad pitt or someother boy next door and I get a 50 year old fat loony!!??). So in disbelief I fill out all the forms, I cant believe it it was a straight flight how could they lose whats left of my life in suitcases!!!!?? So I went to check at the carousel one last time ( dont trust anyone me..) and there it is YAY!! SO I join the very long taxi queue and head to the hotel I booked and confirmed over the internet, only to be told their full. FULL! How the heck can they be full?? I confirmed the NIGHT before!!! The guy wasnt too bothered and basically told me to fuck off, until a friendly couple came to my rescue- after that he said he did have a room but it wasnt cleaned. I was soo tired by this time 1am... I was like yeah I can sleep anywhere. When he opened the room, there was blood everywhere, and the persons belongingings scattered accross the room- I left the place like LIGHTNING. So the taxi driver took me to a brothel for the night, where I couldnt sleep and in the morning discoved the shower didnt work and there was no plug for the bath. Not to mention the fact my laptop had condensation from the flight and refused to work. In the morning the laptop came on but as soon as the power went and I plugged it it no power supply. Now you know me, my LIFE is on my laptop! So Im stuck in a brothel, shocked by the scene I saw the night before feeling very vulnerable. And because I flew when ill I have terrible earache to add to the sore throat, headache and chills etc. Piet gave me some names of places over sms but I couldnt find their numbers so I thought FUCK IT I booked into the hotel I spent new years eve in with Christian, more expensive but totally worth it, at least I can have a hot bath and sleep feeling a bit safe. Ok so (and I thank you all for your support you know I use this medium as a coping mechanism) What can I do about the laptop? The power supply works (green light comes on when plugged in) But when I plug it into computer it goes off again! Its a work computer and they expect it back- but how do I get my stuff off it, and should I cut my losses and buy anew one. And if I buy a new one how do I get both back to dk?? Does anyone else have a life like me? I just want to be in the suburbs somewhere with a doting hubby and two kids and a dog- and of course a laptop that works :)


G-Bob said...

I don't think ANYONE has a life like yours, Angel. I could tell you a couple of mad things that have happened to me in the last 48 hours (house fire and kidnapping of ex wife), so you're not entirely alone.

Maybe you should start keeping a diary beyond this blog, so you can write a book once you settle down and get a normal life (if ever).

Heri njema,


Søren Hyldvang said...

You are so very special.. and you properbly don't even know it... ain't that a shame?
You just have to open your eyes...