Monday, 21 January 2008

Fortune and misfortune

Driving to the fortune teller today through the outlying villages in the outer provinces of Hanoi, and suddenly we drove through what Ican only describe as dog hell. Dogs in cages being beaten with a baseball bat, dogs being spit roast, or dead on a table being sold by the pound. On a motor bike there was a small wire cage containing around 7 or 8 dogs, packed so tightly together they couldn't move, they looked like stuffed toys in a toy hammock. There was nothing I could do, this is the way of life here. I lifted up my camera to take pictures but I was too shocked to do it, it seemed so insensitive. I can't even begin to imagine how war photographers are able to shoot.

So the fortune teller told me (and yes I was also sceptical at first) That I live in a tower (true) That I live in two places (true) that I have been married before (true) That I had a baby but the baby was sad and wasnt born (had a miscarriage before christmas) He told me that I was running away and that I would marry as my mother did someone of a different nationality (true) He also said that I owe from my past life and that is why this life is hard - he said if I was vietnamese he would perform a ceremony- and he could try do this for me but he would have to give me a vietnamese name. The ceremony would cost around 4 million VND!

I'm actually considering it. This fortune teller , who diappointed me by being around MY age, and quite effeminate with liber archie sized rings and a cracking sense of humour. (was expecting a wizened old man on the mountain) This guy lived in a huge estate with a big expensive car! No wonder with all the government officials paying him to keep their "luck" They pay around 10 million every year!!

So question is to have this ceremony (tomorrow) or not....


Anonymous said...

If you think bad luck has made you who you are, then perhaps pursuing good luck is worth a shot. Personally, I don't believe in paying for my luck. What is luck anyway, its merely good fortune or misfortune. Any fortune or misfortune I suffer is basically down to my own desicision making or the decisions of others.

I can also answer 'true' to all those questions.

G-Bob said...

Pole sana!