Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy families

Sometimes I write in here for my benefit, as I dont have a good memory it helps me keep a track of stuff.

So my last period was 15th Jan. I can now feel it starting again; boobs swelling, tiredness, aches starting in, and mood dropping. PMDD approaching.

Today I almost cried when I watched a family playing in the pool, mum dad and cute kid. I want that. So I have decided if I am ever to find my happy little family I have to do something about it. So I joined another dating site (not Thing is dating sites are all very well but you only know the chemistry in person, so perhaps its a waste of time, but it gives me some
thing to do, someone to tallk to, and perhaps a bit of hope that someone out there may actually be interested in me. Also if I come back and am ready to start dating again, I will have lots of dates lined up already!

My birthday is coming up this month (26th) which makes me 32 this year. I thought by the time I was 32 Id be married with at least a couple of kids.

Im a very loving person, and when I love I love deeply and faithfully. I do so want to have children and teach my child all the things Ive seen and learned. I wonder if that will ever happen`?

Fly to Sandakan tomorrow to see the Ornagutangs in the jungle, and Tuesday I fly to Manila. Staying in a hostel that has wifi and cheap beds as I have to be there for around a week, waiting for Jackson to finish his work and come travel with me. Im glad to have someone to travel with, the phillipines can be quite dangerous with kidnappings and bombings and stuff. Must remember to register at the embassies..


Anonymous said...

Wauw! - you are looking absolute fantastic. Hard to believe those beatiful eyes can cry!

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that you are having a good time and getting up on the horse again.
Hope you get lucky this time. You deserve it.