Sunday, 23 March 2008

Angel In Brunei

Well after a complete let down in Philippines.. ended up at the airport hotel, which was actually better for my 3am flight. Currently in Brunei, and this evening will be in Australia... 3 countries in one day!!! I look like crap, after a diet of chocolate little sleep, and being talked into highlights at the hairdresser in philippines (just a haircut have highlights very pretty...just a haircut have highlights yes?...just a haircut please.. highlights!!! Whereupon they proceed to place a pink hat on my head and pull parts of my hair through the holes...) I have never had highlights in my hair in my life... now I look blonde...seriously, its kinds embarassing... have no pics yet but soon...sooon you will see a blond Angel!

Soon be in Australia, was reading the newspaper this morning and there was an article about all the brits emigrating to australia..wonder if I will be one of those....

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