Thursday, 20 March 2008

The lonely and the perverse

Well I like the people that take the time to know me. And they do seem to like me. But perhaps Anonymous is right. I am not that' likeable or at least difficult to understand. And its very true that I do attract the lonely and the perverse. But I cant change who I am, although I am on a journey trying. But I will never be someone who is false, who lies to peoples faces, who drinks myself to vomit stage and then talks about how drunk I was next morning...and the following weekend, I wont be selfish or cruel. And I wont be inconsiderate and maybe I wont change that much...
But I think at the end of the day, everyone is a little perverse and/or lonely... even you. Who isn't? :)
Still cheered up yesterday went out to get frozen yoghurt and they gave me a free batch to take out..its nice little things like that that lift you up.

Tomorrow Im off to my friends apartment to get some rest before I fly very early sunday to Australia!! Sooo looking forward to being spoiled on my birthday-that hasnt happened for years!

Also excited about coming home soon, and finding out what my new life will be....

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Gustav said...

Yes we are all lonely at one time or another.

If you love the sea you will love Australia.

Have a happy day.