Thursday, 6 March 2008

Partying with midgets

y Im loving Manila! Last night went out with my two favourite people, Jackson and Cora, and had a fantastic time. When to a place called the hobbit house, whos staff consist entirely of midgets... Jackson and Cora are two really great people and I absolutely love every second I spend with both of them.

Also the cocoon is breaking open and I feel the butterfly is about to emerge. Im totally finding out who I am, coming out of my shell, amazing myself about how confident and friendly Im becoming, but most people in Manila are friendly. They are also very service orientated and so far in both those regards its the best Ive come across in Asia. It also must be one of the poorest countries, but it seems everyone here has a genuine smile on their face.. the poorer you are the happier you are it would seem! I think I may be becoming a person I actually like :)

Plans for tonight; Out partying with Josie, Cora, Kit, and Jackson and some others going to Havana.

Plans for the weekend;Macaraban island

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