Sunday, 9 March 2008


So the PMDD has kicked in and I am so tired and fighting all sorts of emotions (but I AM fighting) Firstly Christian, is, well being christian. Secondly Im getting a bit tired of Jackson already.. hes a bit...well american. So Im not sure about travelling around with him so much now... maybe I will just ditch him and go it alone.

At this time of the month my shell breaks down and I get paranoid and people seem mean (or maybe they just are..), and I cant be witty or hold a decent conversation. Hate it.

Anyways todays pic is me and Jackson atop the volcano yesterday.

Today, Cora is going to show me around old Manila and we are going to visit a fortune teller... lets see what this one has to say....

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Doc Nielsen said...

Aw hon, i feel for you.
I sure hope eveything works out.