Saturday, 8 March 2008

Stop the world

The last few days have been pretty hectic! Today I rode horseback up to a volcano, otherwise been out partaying with the Manilians.

Now my apartment may be available earlier than planned, and suddenly I start thinking of "home" and panic a bit. I have no car now, and I have to pick my cats up from the country, not sure how thats going ´to happen! Also need to get home from airport.


Also started thinking about the people I cared for in Denmark and miss them a lot, although many of them dont want to see me even when I come back.

I do miss "home" but Im scared about coming back. I really have to find a new job very soon, otherwise I dont know what to do! I think I just have to sell my apartment, then maybe I will go travel again. I dont think i will ever get the chance to settle down and grow roots.

Argh havent figured anything out yet!!!

Picture is of me dancing drunkenly with Kitt and her girlfriend at Havana´s

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Anthony said...

Hope your travel has enabled you to have another view of the world. I am sure you have met new people who have different way of life. Welcome back and panic not. You just need to deal with one issue at a time in a relaxed way.

Definitely you will settle and grow roots maybe in the unlikely place. You just have to seek, watch and wait patiently. "Seek and you shall find. Patience is for the wisest person".