Thursday, 13 March 2008

Playing hard to get

I learned early at school that ignoring a boy only makes him work harder. So why cant I keep to this rule? The more you chase a guy the more he backs away. Its a well known fact that men enjoy the thrill of the chase. Which is why men I dont want to get involved with chase me. And the men I am interested in run away as fast as possible...

So therefore I must learn to be disinterested in men. Which I plan to be, because I intend to... get a life, and not one that involves waiting around for a guy.

So now there are a new set of rules:

1. Absolutely no chasing guys; let them do all the work.

1 comment:

Doc Nielsen said...

Better yet... stop worrying about it.
If he wants you, he'll let you know.
If you want him, let him know.

It takes practice, but you can do it... just ease up, find peace of mind and get your yin level with your yang. :)

Any travel plans yet?